Mel Champion is a qualified Yoga Teacher with specialised training in Yoga Therapy, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation. Her passion providing a space for you to relax, move, breathe and feel like new! Mel has been teaching yoga in Goulburn for the past 10 years and together with her husband raises three gorgeous boys

Yoga is an extremely complex spiritual tradition, encompassing far more than the physical postures we are so familiar with. Yoga is so all-encompassing and there are elements of yoga that everyone can enjoy no matter their age, ability or belief. From deep meditation to mantra, to acting in service, devotion or love for another, it is all yoga.

A yoga practice that is reflected in the decisions and actions in one's life is one that is truly real, one that I can connect with and one that others will desire to replicate. This doesn't mean a purely physical practice is wrong because there are amazing benefits to being physically strong and supple. We want a strong temple for the spirit, a body that is clean and clear, a body that functions well into old age and a body that we can use to enjoy the pleasures of life, including good, whole food, the beauty of nature or the love of others.

A yoga practice does not have to be serious, it has to be real. Real in how far you take your body physically, real in confronting emotional or mental issues as you move into meditation and real in how you then interact with others outside of class. It is my enormous privilege to direct you, but only you can infuse your life with yoga...put in the hours at home and I'll see you soon in class!