Our classes are a synergy of traditional yoga and modern sequencing, developing a moving meditation and awareness of breath and body that will leave you relaxed, refreshed and energised!


Retreats are the best way to dive into your yoga practice. You will develop your technique, get some hands on guidance and perhaps try some new tricks that we may not do in class. Retreats are also a great way to get to know like minded people and experience new places, new cultures if you're lucky and an escape from the everyday!

Weekly Classes

The best way to get started is jump into a weekly class. Each class is a mix of beginners and continuing students and most newbies soon feel pretty relaxed about learning the poses and sequences. Every class is different though, some weeks we take it nice and easy and others you'll be pushed just a bit harder. Grab a friend and join us!

And finally, if you just want to talk to an actual person and not the internet, give Mel a call on 0417656043.

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