In addition to the classes listed below we run a monthly Restorative Yoga class, Corporate Yoga (for your workplace) and events including our bi-annual 'Yoga in the Vines'...keep your eyes peeled...

Yoga Flow Classes

Monday 5.30pm  (Bradfordville Public School)

Wednesday 6.30pm (North Goulburn School)

Thursday 9.30am (Goulburn Soldiers Club)

A gorgeous mix of traditional postures and modern yoga flow sequences!

Little Yo

Weekly Yoga and Mindfulness classes for Kids K-6 encourages your little ones to move and stretch, breathe and relax...essential tools for navigating today's busy lifestyle.

Monday's at 4pm from February 2019

Restorative Yoga

A deeply relaxing class designed to release deep tension, steady your mind and move gently into your body. We use lots of props and supports to make this a very accessible class, even for very beginners! 

Next Class is on Friday 22nd February 2019

Peace Out

This exciting NEW CLASS is aimed at the frazzled, wired, stressed out, tired or just plain cranky among us who need some relaxation, meditation skills and rest. We will be learning some beautiful self-preservation and mindfulness techniques! You don't want to miss this class!


Sorry! But, please flick us an email if you're keen and a second class might be on the cards!

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