Essentials for Home Practice!

One of the best things about Yoga is that you don't actually need a heap of fancy gear to get through a practice! Just you and your mat (and not even that if it's in the boot of your car!) Here's my best tips for getting started...

1. Choose a set sequence

The thing that most people say to me when I suggest doing some thing at home is that they just don't know what to do! I've been there, it's a legitimate excuse...but not for long! There are SO many great videos out there and even if all you start with is a few rounds of Sun Salutation, that's better than nothing. But, a set sequence means you don't have to think!

2. Set yourself a minimum!

"Everyday I will do 15 minutes of Yoga"...or something like that. Starting small means less excuses and eventually you'll feel like it's just not long enough anyway!

3. Create a space.

Just for you and your mat. A place that you can keep clean and pretty, you might want a little alter, or a candle or just your speakers cranking Hilltop Hoods...whatever is going to motivate and encourage you to practice!

4. Tell someone about it.

Keep accountable by sharing your plans with a friend/partner/teacher and get them to keep on your ass about being consistent. It's a great motivator!

5. And finally, choose a practice that feels good!

If you choose a super advanced or technical practice that pushes you beyond your limit every time, you're not going to stick with it. Either plan a sequence of poses that you're comfortable with or find a virtual instructor that you love. They might be funny, they might chant, they might throw in an f-bomb at some stage...whatever and whoever is going to motivate and encourage you gently is the right choice.