What is "real yoga" anyway??

I’m very excited to have launched my new website today and with a whole lot of other new things happening in the next few months I just wanted to keep you in the loop on my ideas! I want your yoga experience to be a real life one, a genuine interaction with others and an integrative practice that you can take into your lives.

My plans to increase class options, settle us into a permanent studio, expand online opportunities and offer you a wide variety of workshops and activities is all in an effort to develop community. I want people to interact, I want you to have yoga-friends, I want you to want to hang out after class. I’m so excited for the potential this new space is going to have and I hope I can continue to create beautiful events and classes for you.

As part of my online program I’m going to start having some chats with friends, colleagues and people of interest on their take on having a “real life” and what that means to them. I hope you’ll all be interested in tuning in and building on the conversation as we dive into the next evolution of Life Yoga!

Have a beautiful week!

Mel x